RocketWay Elements - Beta
Introducing our upcoming web-based E-mail Development Tool. Elements helps you to build e-mail campaigns in minutes.
by RocketWay on May 30, 2017

Elements helps you, or your team, build bulletproof e-mail campaigns in minutes.

How many problems did you have to manage and overcome while developing your email campaign in the past? Far more than you would like to remember! Building a professional campaign that looks amazing and appeals to a wide range of clients, can be a serious challenge even for experienced developers. With today’s variety of software tools that are available to read e-mails, from desktop software to phone and tablet apps with all their individual types of renders, rich html e-mail coding can involve serious testing cycles to make it look good to every recipient. Your campaign can easily turn into one big disaster if you do not have enough html experience and the proper testing tools available. You can easily become frustrated and lose valuable time all for an end product that failed to achieve the quality that it deserved. Leave these days behind you by powering your email development workflow with RocketWay Elements!


Elements Builder Interface

What is Elements?

Elements is the bridge between a raw graphic design and the actual coded (responsive) html e-mail campaign. Whether you are an experienced email designer and developer, or the individual in your organisation that oversees the company’ s weekly newsletter, with Elements you are guaranteed to be able to convert your design into a bulletproof (60+ clients compatible) e-mail in a matter of minutes!

"Gain Creative Freedom with our Powerful drag-and-drop interface!"

Create and recreate unlimited structures as you go with Elements easy to use features, enabling you to quite simply drag the desired content into each cell. When you are satisfied with your layout, you can switch back to Elements’  Dashboard to save, share and export your work. Organise your campaigns on a customer level in an easy yet effective way and Hook (one click transfer) to your favourite E-mail Service Provider (ESP) ready to send out whenever you need.


Elements Dashboard Interface - Design Projects organized in folders for each customer

Why we developed Elements...

Demand went through the roof when we first launched our initial e-mail template. With every day that passed, and with every new product we released, we became a stronger brand with very satisfied happy customers trusting in us and our products time and time again. We developed a basic lightweight solution that made it possible for all customers, even those without any coding skills, to make small customizations that make a big difference. For example, including our ‘ free builder access’  to each product was highly appreciated by our customers. With our customer base today of over 12,500, and years of experience with support requests, we knew exactly what our customers wanted next and what our next priorities should be. Whilst our free builder was widely used by all, our customers were developing as quickly as we were, and with growing experience and capabilities they were becoming frustrated by the limitations that the free builder imposed. We decided to making our customers lives easier, and their businesses more effective, with an all-in-one solution.

"Elements offers an easy-to-use package of features that allows even those without coding experience to create incredibly effective e-mail campaigns."

This is because Elements enables users to design and edit their campaign visually; it codes itself rather than requiring the designer to script the html coding.

You cannot buy time, but you can definitely save it when using Elements, and the Elements Beta version will soon be available for you to try! The current Elements package provides a select variety of features and feature updates that users find invaluable. Our users want more though and so we are developing the Elements Beta version to provide you with more creative freedom.

The Elements Beta package looks to offer more features than before. We have been listening closely to our customers to understand what they want and need from Elements. We love incorporating their feedback into feature updates and in the design of new features as part of the Elements Beta.

What are you missing in your e-mail building software? What can we do to improve your experience and usability of the product? We want to hear from you so please get in touch to share your ideas, feedback and suggestions today!