4 Visual Email Marketing Tips to Increase Conversions
A lot of businesses neglect their email marketing in light of social media, but in doing so they’re ignoring a powerful communication outlet.
by Patrick Foster on May 30, 2017


A lot of businesses neglect their email marketing in light of social media, but in doing so they’re ignoring a powerful communication outlet. Visual marketing is always going to be more effective than text-based marketing. Images catch the eye with an immediacy that words lack. With a visual marketing based email campaign you could see a good number of conversions – but only if you know what works. From getting people to open the email in the first place, to creating a personalized marketing experience, here are 4 tips to improve your visual email marketing.


use emoji's

1. Use Emojis

How do you catch the customers right off the bat? How can you make sure your email stands out from all of the other emails that come through? The answer: emojis. Emojis allow you to be visual right from the email’s subject header. This won’t be appropriate for every business, but it’s a useful tactic for most and it will help you to seem friendly and modern.

There are lots of emojis to choose from, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to find one that’s appropriate. There are smiley faces with a range of ethnicities, a broad selection of foods, wrapped presents, animals and a selection of many other random objects and shapes.

This is a technique that a lot of businesses are starting to use. But you must be careful. A large string of emojis will look spammy and unappealing. Using them effectively is a precise art. They must be sprinkled lightly – like salt. Less is more. Use too many and you risk having the complete opposite effect.


use personalization

2. Personalization

Marketing works best when it is personalized. Email marketing is where personalization comes into its own. Obviously, you’re not going to make special images for individual customers, but you can create images for specific groups of people, based on what they do on your website or their purchase history.

Do you have the capacity to track a customer’s on-site activity? Have they viewed a product that you’re keen to sell? If so, why not send them a particularly attractive image of the product, with a little reminder? Professional, high-quality images can be very appealing. This is especially effective if you’re able to offer an exclusive discount to that customer.

If they’ve already viewed the product, then you might be able to push them over the edge with a nice personalized email. Personalized marketing works, so it should definitely have a place in your campaign. Similarly, if you are able to provide some form of reward system, this could be implemented via email along with a series of attractive images.


use infographics

3. Infographics

Infographics are one of the most popular forms of visual marketing. They’re a little indirect, but they can still be very effective. Emails are one of the best mediums for infographics. They should ideally be shared online, and on social media they’re going to be cut down significantly due to size limitations, so email it is.

What helps to make them even more appealing is that they provide an incentive for customers to open your email. If you have some interesting facts to share, then you can tease that fact tantalizingly in the email header. People like to learn interesting or novel information, as it gives them something to share with others. And speaking of sharing with others, if you create an exciting enough infographic, you might even get customers forwarding the email to their friends!


use infographics

4. Screenshots

If you’re giving away a voucher code (or some other kind of email exclusive offer) then you might like to share screenshots that highlight how easy it is to obtain that offer. Customers can be lazy, but if you show them that very little effort is required on their part, you’ll find them much more likely to oblige.

The thing about including screenshots is that you need your website to look good. If it has been poorly put together, the screenshots will look bad and the idea will fail. It also needs to be a very simple process.

The same principle applies if you get people to click through with another method, and then they find that the website does not live up to the marketing. Sometimes redoing your site can have an enormously beneficial effect on email conversions. You might look to Shopify for a quick way to rebuild your ecommerce site, should it be lacking. There’s no point focusing on a visual email marketing campaign if you have subpar visuals on your website. If you have a site built on WordPress, you might consider changing your theme, or having it further customized.

These ideas cover four different approaches to visual marketing. First of all, you need to be sure you catch the customer’s eye (as with the emojis). Then you’ve got to engage them (perhaps on a personal level) and you’ve got to offer them something of value (infographics.) Finally, you need to get them to your site and assure them of the simplicity of their task (screenshots will help to do that.)

All of these factors are important to an email marketing campaign, so you need to decide where you want to lean most heavily for your business. If you need any help, RocketWay makes it easy for you to create professional-looking emails. Check our latest collection of email templates.